Monday, January 01, 2018


Palakkad 24 to 26 December 2016

OUR signature year end trip this time was to kerala.  Palakkad has been on my trip list for a very long time. It was with Vijay and Family.  its already an year since we have been there and now I am completing this blog.  So half my memory doesn't recall everything !

We visited few places like a fort, a water world (Fantasy Park) - a pretty decent water park.  For the first time I did some water sports! Phew! it was great and tiring at the same time.

We stayed in a palatial house which I got the address from net.  It looked like the bhoot bangla of many hindi films for sure.

It was awesome drive with loads of fun and memory.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


3 Day Trip in our new XUV 500

Started during October 29, Day 1 of Deepawali festival.  Wanted to go on a long drive as we had almost 4 days holiday.  We started 4.00 AM Saturday morning, a very pleasing time to start the journey.  Not much traffic, with couple of breaks for breakfast and coffee we reached Karwar by 2.30.  We checked into a guest house and were served hot food.  After a small nap, by 4 we started to check out Karwar and nearby places.  We visited the famous Karwar Ship museum.  A very old ship which is now converted as a museum.  It really helped the kids get an idea how life on ship goes on for months together.

Post the museum we visited Ravindranath tagore beach.  Abhi had fun playing in the sand, Adarsh and Siri went for boat rides.  Perfect timing and very nice weather.  October end seems  to be the right time to visit the beach.   We returned to the rooms and after a good meal, hit the bed, and were asleep soon.  By this time we had made up our mind we wanted to visit Goa the next day.  So by 9 we finished our breakfast and started for Goa.. 2 hours we were therbe.. and the first thing we wanted to visit was St. Xaveire Church.  We went round and round the area to discover that the church we were checking on the google map was a just  a small building and which was closed.  After this we realized we had to visit the Basilica where St. Xaveire's body is kept in a closet and out for display.  This is a world heritage monument.  As it was sunday the rush was much.  but we made our way through and visited the church.  First visit for both my kids, they had never seen a church from inside.  After this we went to Miramar beach.  Close by to the church.  Clean and neat.  It was already 2, but we didn't find a good hotel, meanwhile there was a 1 hour boat ride where they promise you to show the dolphins.  So we took tickets and as we were slightly hungry got some churmuri to eat.  It was really nice, and just after we boarded the boat, we also got some nice sweet pineapples.  The boat ride is really good, one should not miss this.  There is a loud Bollywood music on-board and the  boat members encourage the riders to dance.  Few kids started dancing.  By the middle of the beach we spotted several dolphins which come out to breath.  On this ride we also get to see some light house, central jail , a palace etc.. from very far, its just a time pass.  By 4 we were out and headed straight to Cafe coffee day.  We grabbed some sandwitch and went for shopping to Market street Goa.  It's small lanes and because it was Diwali most shops were closed.  I didn't find much to pick up.  We then headed towards Sanatan Ashram. This was a miracle in itself.  We were not sure if we will visit Goa, on top of it, if we will get a opportunity to visit the Ashram. Both me and my sister felt really blessed.  Post this visit we headed straight to Karwar.  Dinner was ready at the guest house. Post dinner we decided to leave the next day morning to Bangalore by 8.30.

              By 9 we were ready and headed back to Bangalore.  Never felt the 1000+ kilometers drive. Enjoyed the 3 day Karwar Goa trip.  
         Waiting till my next trip..

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Dec 29 2015 - Jan 1 2016

Our much awaited year end trip to Dandeli is going to start in few hours.  We plan to first reach davangere and do a night halt and then next day reach Dandeli in the morning!  Waiting for the trip to start....


I have taken an absolute 8.5 months to blog this post. Hope I can recollect everything. It was yearend and we wanted to take a 2-3 days’ break.  Wanted to celebrate the new year with less noise and more silence.  I started searching the web for options and finally ended up with this option Initially I had a lot of reservations on if this is genuine or not.  The website and the phone were the only two things I had as proof, and the brothers (yeah they are brothers and both keep responding to the queries) were active on WhatsApp.  anyway made some interesting decision and went ahead with the booking.  The package was very good.  The stay, food, sightseeing, all the activities including river rafting, kayaking, Zorbing, raffling all-inclusive the package came to around 2.5K per person for 2 days.  so for the 4 of us I guess we payed around 8K or so.  

The drive to Dandeli from Bangalore is awesome.  it’s a national highway and one way lanes.  So post lunch I drove for 200 or so kilometers.  Really enjoyed the ride.  That night we stayed at Davengere, and decided to have a cut journey. Next day we started after breakfast and reached Dandeli by afternoon.  Got some real hot food for lunch and checked into a room. It was a good decent place to stay.  After a quick nap and rest, we went out.  We did the boating and a sightseeing and came back by evening.  The resort guy had put some camp fire, so sat around that for some time before we had the dinner and hit the bed.  Because of the travel we were so tired we all just slept off.

Morning we got ready, had breakfast and went to see couple of local attraction like Supa dam and Cyntheri rock. Nice places and worthwhile visiting. We came back to the tent by 2 PM or so.  He had asked us to shift to big tents vs the rooms he had given us.  So we shifted quickly (guess he had more guests so we also obliged because kids wanted to experience the tent stay).  Post lunch we went to river rafting.  the force of the water was not so great. We understood that it has to be during season and that’s I guess around monsoon, around August+. so we got to do kayaking, zorbing and like he made us sit in water for some time, that’s also an adventure!   All in all, it was an awesome experience especially for the kids, they really enjoyed.  Late evening, we came back to the tent, had hot food which was really good and hit the bed.

The third day was the new year Eve, 31st December.  We had a very relaxed day.  not much to do that day. We wanted to go to Dhudh Sagar but we understood that it was banned and not many were allowed.  So by afternoon we just went around the town and came back. Evening a lot of people out there who were visitors like us gathered around the firewood.  We also spent sometime and called it a day.  Jan 1st morning we started back to Bangalore.  Enroute we stopped for our breakfast and lunch breaks at Davengere. Back home we got couple more days to rest as the next couple of days being weekend.  Awesome trip it was.  Total distance between Bangalore to Dandeli is 460+ Kilometers.  It will take almost 8-9 hours travel with breaks.  The best thing to do is take a break at Davengere, stay there, which is around 5 hours from Bangalore and Davengere to Dandeli is 4 hours.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sirsi trip

October 22-24 2015

This was one of the cool leisure trip we had.  We planned not to travel around too much and that helped.
We booked a hotel room for 22nd and 23rd a week before.  It was Dussehara time and almost all the hotels, resorts were booked. My initial idea was to stay at Bakula homestay.  but they were pretty full. So the owner offered us a room hotel in Sapna Yatri Nivas. We set out on 22nd after office pooja, Auydhapooja on the occasion of Dussehara. We started by 10.30. We took the root of AH47. Bangalore-Hubli-Haveri-Sirsi.  Though it is additional few kilometers compared to the shimoga route, it is a super highway.  That was the best choice.  With a break for lunch in between, we reached Sirsi by 5.00 PM.  The drive was very nice hence not much strain.We checked into Sapna Yatri Nivas, a decent hotel near the bus stop.  After refreshment, we went around to see the city.  We first visited the Raghavendra Swamy temple, which is very near to the Bus stand.  A very calm place.  We then set out to see the city.
Sirsi is a small town, with 2 Km radius in and around the bus stand, you can cover the heart of the city.  We happen to see a theatre there, Lakshmi theatre and they were screening a new telugu movie called "Bruclee" starring Ram Charan. We wanted the kids to experience the theatre, which are now a past in Banglore.  They are used to only booking film tickets online and sitting in AC multiplexes, with pop-corn tubs and pepsi colas pouring in.  When we entered this theatre most of the seats were empty.  We chose to sit in a row in the balcony, (as there is no seat number concept), we then shifted little closer to the screen so we could hear the dialouges well and avoid much of the mosquito menace at the back. It was a big struggle for the kids to sit in those old seats thru the film.  they were comparing to the luxury of Bangalore every 2 minutes.  During the interval, Anand took the kids to view the projector.  Now that was a good deal. They really liked the concept and felt as if they were looking at some heritage.  Post the movie we came back to the hotel, had some decent dinner and slept off.
  Morning we got ready leisurely , visited the famous "Marikamba Temple" of Sirsi.  being Friday, there was good rush and the alankara was also done very nicely.  We then headed to "Yana" a very famous rocky place.  I had been wanting to visit Yana atleast now for 10 years I guess. We had somehome missed it.  When we reach the spot, we are allowed to park the cars and we got to walk for 0.5 kms towards the spot.  Being dry season there were no leaches.  The rush was decent, not many people.  Near the foot of the hill, there is swaymbhu - self manifested Shiv linga in the rock. there is regular puja for the shiv linga here.  We were then told that by putting a round around the hill, it is like doing a parikrama around the linga.  Hence we set out all enthu to go around the hill.  We were asked to take off the chappals at the foot of the hill and about a Km. around the hill is to be covered bare footed.  The path is full of small stones and pretty uneven, and hence wasnt easy especcialy if someone is carrying bags, luggages or kids it is difficult. But once we completed the round, we felt very nice.  The rock has a mythology and scientific reasons for being that way.  The mythology is around the story of bhasmasura (lot of read on google) and the scientific reason for the monolythic 390 ft hill is around a astreriod hit.  What ever the real reason is, it is definetly a wonder to be seen and enjoyed.  really awesome place, a must-see for travellers.

En route yana we do get the famous Manjuguni venkateswara temple. it is approximately 4-5 kilometers.  We reached the temple by noon 1 and what a perfect timing.  We got darshan and of course like any other south indian temple we also got food in the temple. Temple darshan and food closes out by 1.30  So very important to plan accordingly. Else it opens at 4.00 in the evening, it can be planned to visit in the evening as well.

  After lunch at the temple,  we then proceeded to unchalli falls. A very famous falls in Uttarkannada district.  Even now when it wasn't raining, the falls was so luxuriously falling down, it was definitely a site to be seen. The unchalli falls entry is around 25/- rupees.  We parked the car and then proceeded towards the falls. it is almost a  2 Kilometer steep walk towards the falls.  It takes a little effort to go there. Wear shoes preferably and avoid too much luggage, it saves some breath. Once we reach the spot we got to see the wonder so all the strain kind of disappears.  There are 3 spots, or view points from which we can see the unchalli falls.  It is good to visit all the three spots, just 100 meters away from each other.  Now having visited the spot, climbing back to our car parking was much more tedious because of the steep climb. It was probably reminding of our unhealthy bangalore life style as well :)

Enroute we stopped at a spot called Bheemvara gudda, or bheemadevara gudda.  A awesome breathtaking scenic spot where 360 degree view of mountains can be seen. We reached there by 4.30 and stayed back till 6.00 when the sun was just setting.  Anand also spotted a beautiful green snake, non-harming as we understand and took a lot of pictures.  I sat there among the clouds for several minutes to enjoy the nature.  the beautiful black bird was diving down with its beak and coming back in circular motion, showing how wonderful it is to be part of nature.  We then headed back to the hotel.  By 7.30 we were back in the hotel and with dinner at 8.30 we dozed off.  The extreme trek in yana and unchalli falls, helped us get good sleep.

Saturday morning, we got up and checked out of the hotel.  We visited the bakula homestay, which has  a water flow within the resort.  This was the much promised place for the kdis.  They spent a good couple of hours there.  We then headed towards Banavasi. its approximately 30 Kms.  The road is average for the first 10 kms, but then it is very beautiful road till the Banavasi.  Banavasi is a ancient temple town. It has madukeshwara the deity worshiped here. The town once was the capital of the Kadamba rulers, an ancient royal dynasty of Karnataka.  Now the timing we visited again perfect, we got to visit the temple and surprisingly we good lunch as well in the temple.  We weren't expecting and didnt know as well.  We had lunch by 1.30 and headed straight back to bangalore.  The route we took was via dasanakoppa-haveri-hubli-Bangalore.  8.30 we reached home , cooked food and had dinner, remembering the wonderful trip we had for last 3 days.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mysore Trip - Chamundi Hills

September 12 2015

Now this one was a short trip to Mysore, with our family and my second Sis family visiting my elder sister who got transferred to Mysore.
The only place we visited was the chamundi hills.  On 12th evening we did go up the hills by 6.30. By god's grace we got darshan very quickly.   I bought some jasmine flowers, they were very good and offered it to the goddess. 
Mysore gets its name from Mahishasura - a demon , whom the goddess chamundi killed.  Here they worship the goddess chamundi on the hills where demon was killed.  It was nice short trip.

Mysore trip in gypsy

It was his long time dream to buy a gypsy and go on long drives of lush green lands. Finally bought one on June 6th. 6-6-2015.  Today as I start blogging we are at the Canara service station  waiting for the car wash. With few checkups to his gypsy we started off.  It was fun.  No AC, so the wind blows at a speed of 60 KM/ hour on the face.. Oops, it was fun at beginning...
It was my friend's sisters daughters wedding.. very close relationships..
We reached Mysore by evening. Went straight to the choultry, and needless to say had dinner.  Met my friend, wished her niece. We then checked into a self service apartment at Gokulm extention.  It was a pretty neat apartment. Warm and cozy, with AC etc. comfortable stay. Morning we got ready and visited the marriage.  By afternoon, we planned to come back as we were riding the gypsy for the first time and Anand not got accustomed to it.
And by the way , the wiper wasn't working and while we drove back to Bangalore, it started raining.  Ofcourse i did a manual wiping of the wind screen for sometime , but then not a big issue, the rains stopped.  A good ride in Gypsy, it was fun.